Jasmin Harsono

This guided meditation by Jasmin Harsono was featured on the lovely Goop website recently and I was immediately impressed by Jasmin’s calming, down to earth vibe. Recommending meditation can be tricky but I reckon whatever your experience you will most certainly feel much more grounded and supported having spent 25 or so minutes with her. Repeat frequently and you will see the benefits of your commitment grow.

Vanessa Kandiyoti Meditation
Vanessa Kandiyoti

Another great place to start or continue your meditation is with Vanessa Kandiyoti. She is particularly generous to her followers posting free regular guided meditations. Head over to her website and have a browse. You can start at the Learn to Mediate or jump straight in with which ever mediation title is calling to you. Vanessa’s energy is one of kindness and openness and it is clear she is keen for all join in and experience the benefits meditating. This isn’t a special club, you can start at any time and any age.  She also writes with wisdom so do dip into her blog post with a favourite cup of something.

Victoria Health
Victoria Health

If you haven’t already come across Victoria Health then here is a little gift from me to you. I love everything about Vic Health. Think supplements, health, beauty products and a brilliantly written, witty, informative, weekly newsletter by co-owner Gill. There is a wealth of information on this site even if you don’t buy anything. Victoria Health is dedicated to working with top quality suppliers, who use top quality ingredients and this is obvious, as is their loyalty to their suppliers.  The care and kindness to their staff, suppliers and customers is clear and that is one of the many reasons I repeat shop with them. Sign up to the weekly newsletter and you can have a Saturday hit of information, advice and knowledge pinging straight into your in-box without barely any effort. Win-win.

Down Dog App
Down Dog App

If you need a little movement in your life and don’t know where to start due to the plethora of apps out there.  Start with the Down Dog app.  It has a variety of different  exercises, yoga, HIIT, Barre, 7 minute, Prenatal….. on offer for you to choose from so you can switch and swap as you see fit and as you become fitter.

Dominique Ludwig

If you feel in need of nutritional advice, either for weight loss (or gain), recovery from illness or injury or for food allergies I thoroughly recommend you head straight for Dominique’s website and give her a call. Her knowledge is incredible and her delivery of that knowledge is where her magic lies. Making sense of nutritional advice and applying it to your own bodies needs is complex, this is why you need Dominique in your life otherwise you will feel like you are shooting in the dark, not sure what is working and what isn’t. With information from you she will be able to steer you in the right direction along with her support and encouragement. Changing your diet does require effort but the rewards far out way that. Do it once, do it well, have Dominique by your side and you won’t look back.