“As someone completely new to acupuncture I was surprised by its success. I chose to try acupuncture to relieve persistent neck pain and my visits to Kerry were both therapeutic and calming. Kerry combines professional expertise with a caring and reassuring sensitivity, and I always look forward to my next appointment.”


“After soldiering on for months with various underlying health issues that were draining me of energy, I discussed acupuncture with Kerry as a means to ‘reboot’ my system and get back on track. I was a total newbie to the world of acupuncture so had lots of questions; Kerry really put me at ease and her many years of experience was very clear. I was genuinely surprised at just how good I felt after even the first treatment – I felt very calm, grounded and clear headed, while also having masses of energy, and slept better than I had in years. I highly recommend Kerry whether you are, as I was, completely new to acupuncture or are experienced in treatments. You are in safe hands with her.”


“I went to Kerry initially with a shoulder injury from torn ligaments whilst snowboarding six months earlier. Kerry did a full assessment and successfully completed treatment after a few sessions. Before treatment, I had constant stiffness and occasional pain; since treatment my shoulder feels great and I have full mobility.

Kerry has since successfully treated several other joint and muscular injuries. She is my ‘go to’ person and I highly recommend her, her understanding, ability and treatment.”


Jane Mancini