Hello lovely people

So where have you been this week? At home, by any chance?  But where have you really been internally, in your mind, in your heart, in the very essence of who you are? What feelings have come up for you? Have you felt the same emotions repeatedly, like they are on playback or have you noticed different ones? Up then down, negative and positive, light and dark, energised and exhausted, panic or calm? What about the feelings you don’t want to feel, the ones that punctuate your thoughts, stay with you all day or keep you awake at night? Have you allowed yourself to think and explore these feelings or are you trying your very best to ignore them?

The option of finding a distraction from these emotions is a lot more complex now. Maybe it isn’t really the bricks and mortar ‘home’ that is the problem (perhaps it is) but maybe it is something more internal, the inner ‘home,’ deep inside that you do not want to be left alone with. So how do you deal with this and make this easier? If you are struggling with this how do you navigate it all and move forward? The easiest way to do this, no matter how uncomfortable, is to just accept how you are feeling. Acceptance isn’t about giving in or losing the fight though. If the idea of acceptance makes you squirm, like it has won, try looking at it from another angle, from the angle of neutrality. Seeing the neutral space in our emotions give us perspective and a break from the exhausting yo-yoing of emotions.

Ignoring or blocking out lower frequency emotions does not honour how you are actually feeling. Give yourself a well-earned break from using up vital energy trying to block this emotion. Let yourself feel what you are feeling, warts and all, and give it some air time to hang around. Sit with them for a bit, maybe those feelings aren’t so awful after all, maybe it is the fear of the feelings that causes the turmoil. The natural response to negative emotions is to put massive efforts into silencing them. We need both positive and negative emotions. We can’t have happiness without sadness – where would our frame of reference come from otherwise. The same is so for every emotion. We have a polarity for all things, life/death, love/hate, gratitude/ingratitude, light/dark. For every positive we have a negative, accepting this is the way forward.

Make a mental/paper/digital note of how you are feeling, what emotion/s you are feeling, when you feel the way you do and where you feel the emotion in your body. This will help you become more aware of how much time you spend in the low or the high emotion.

Conscious thought therapy is also another route forward to help with this. Much like acupuncture this therapy uses the same principles of healing, effecting changes to our energy. Instead of using needles conscious thought is used instead. This isn’t counselling or psychotherapy; it doesn’t pick over past hurts/upsets/wounds. By using verbally guided questions the process unblocks significant negative/positive patterns and can shift energies, improve our well-being and physical discomfort and as a result the energies released mean that you are calmer, grounded, more focused and at peace. Due to CV19 sessions take place via Skype from the comfort of your own home. They provide much needed support during these challenging times. Please do get in touch if you would like more information kerrypink5@gmail.com

Much love to you all
Kerry xx