Hello lovely people

When was the last time you used your intuition? Do you even know what it is and why it is so important?

It is a funny thing intuition; we all have some idea about what it is but we may not pay it very much attention. Gut feelings, instinct, coincidences, weird happenings, call it what you want they are all the same. Those moments when you suddenly get a thought to do something particular, or a reoccurring thought to call someone or to buy a certain book or to enrol on a certain course or maybe to drive a different route home. What do you do when you receive these messages? Do you dismiss them as your own weirdness and ignore them or do you act on them?

We can all access our intuition, it is after all, our own inner wisdom, totally unique to each of us. It isn’t some magic skill or a gift some people have and others don’t. We all have these gut feelings, inner callings, messages but not all of us listen to the messages let alone act on them. These messages are coming from your highest potential or your best self and when you learn to act and trust them you will find doors open to other opportunities.

These messages come to us in the form of your own voice so it is very easy to see why we dismiss them. We often have a lot of negative internal thoughts that we are constantly filtering, fielding and trying to avoid so these intuitive inner thoughts can be rejected too but if you learn to trust this inner voice it will reveal the potential inside of you to do better things for your greater good and for others around you.

We all know that feeling of not being connected to our potential, feeling like we are living a half-life or going through the motions in life. It is an uncomfortable feeling and always leaves you wanting more of something and frustratingly that ‘something’ isn’t always clear but maybe your intuition is giving you a message to help you with that. Surely that is worth listening to and acting upon. Listening and acting on these messages reconnects you to your better self and at a time like this we need that in our lives more than ever.

These internal messages are subtle, think of them as tiny droplets of water, grains of sand or as individual beads on a necklace, each one small but together making something much, much bigger. Each message builds on the one before leading you to a better place. You need to manage your expectations here though, don’t expect the big gun messages and there is beauty in this because by listening and acting on subtle, smalls ones, the ‘drink more water’, ‘go for a walk’, ‘send x an email’ you will begin to trust the process because other unexpected outcomes will arise from them.

Here is a simple breathwork technique you can add in your day (and you can do this multiple times a day) to help you connect with these messages. It involves clearing the centre energy line to help the messages come through to you, a bit like turning the volume up. Using the breath in this way is incredibly grounding and calming, it helps you take a moment of pause and reboots the system. Reuniting us with the energies of heaven and earth, another great reason to incorporate it into your day. Would you want to be more connected to your higher self? To live your life to its full potential. Why not give this simple and effective sequence a try and see what happen. You deserve to be the best you, you can be.

  • Stand or sit with your eyes closed
  • Raise your hands with palms together in a pray like position over the crown of your head a few inches away from your head.
  • Take a breath in and release it fully.
  • Take a breath in for the count of six and whilst doing that slowly, without your hands touching your body, bring your pray hands down the midline of your body all the time breathing in 6-5-4-3-2-1
  • As you arrive at the count of 1 your hands will be at your waist, they naturally part as your elbows travel wider out to the side.
  • Now breathing out for a count of six 6-5-4-3-2-1 re-joining the palms of your hands together as you go back up the midline of your body again arriving with your palms together as the top of your head.
  • Do this sequence 4 times. The breath pattern doesn’t matter, you can do either in/out or out/in as you move your hands. It can be repeated as often as you like throughout the day. It is also great to do before anything that requires your best self, a difficult phone call, a meeting, something creative or if you feel you need extra support.
  • Observe how you feel afterwards but don’t force anything, see what happens, what thoughts come to you but most of all respond to them. Making a note of the messages you receive and your actions is a great way of seeing any patterns.

Much love
Kerry x