Hello lovely people

There is no avoiding where we are, the rapid spread of the Coronavirus has changed all our ‘normals’, whatever those normal are to each of us.

I have, however, over the past couple of days felt this need to write about positivity and change. Waving the positivity flag at this time may, to some, seem even more crazy then what we are experiencing right now. What will help us all get through this is to shift our mindset to a more positive dial.

The media are covering the other angles so let’s leave the facts, figures and politics to them, they are necessary and we need to remain informed and educated, however, we also have another option here and that is to view all this change as positive and a catalyst for good. Change happens for a reason and mostly we experience this in a much more individual way, change of job, home, relationships, school, well-being, location the list goes on but this change is happening on a global level. Whatever emotions you are experiencing today, right now as you read this, you can rest assured someone (and most likely multiple someone’s…) will be experiencing the same thing. That is a hugely uniting feeling – you are not on your own. Even if self-isolating there are many, many people doing the same all across the globe. This change has become a leveller of nations, countries, communities, no one gets immunity or is exempt from the effects, anyone and everyone will be impacted just like the virus itself.

We have another significant change on the horizon, the spring equinox. The clocks change at the weekend and we welcome in the spring. The seasons stop for no one, even in these unprecedented times the energies of the season remain unaffected. Let this be your anchor, or your roots when the overwhelming thoughts, actions or comments of someone take your breath away or you feel ungrounded. Look up to the sky, go outside, feel the elements on your face and breathe. Spring is the season of rebirth, reawakening, turning over a new leaf, it is the season of possibility and creation. The spring equinox marks the move from the inward, hidden, hibernating winter to the new, young, fresh life that spring brings… fresh, bright green buds on trees, bulbs pushing through the earth and the birth of spring animals. Whilst the earth and branches are bare on the outside during winter, growth has been at work deep below. It is in Spring that we see the hard work of winter and we have had a very hard winter, political unease, and in our country never ending floods and rains and in the Southern hemisphere, fire and drought. A relentless weather pattern that at the time seemed like a punishment but now in the light of what is happening feels like it was a warm up for the main event. We have built stamina and resilience from what we have experienced in the winter. Some may think that this is now yet another burden to bear but perhaps another way to look at it is that it is another occasion in which we can show ourselves and our loved ones that we can deal with the challenge. Yes, we are being tested but that doesn’t mean we are going to throw in the towel. Match the challenge with strength.

So, if a bare, skeletal branched tree can make a change into a glorious, majestic leaf covered tree what or how can you change? What have you been hiding from this winter or for many, many winters? Who do you want to be? Use the spring energy and this period of uncertainty to think about and action those changes, don’t squish them down out the way anymore, bring them to the surface and let them flourish. Like the sun this week, it is your turn to shine. Our world has changed in so many ways in such a short time. Do not fear the change. Be brave, flexible and open your heart to new opportunities and you will fly.

Much love to you all

Kerry xx